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Правосмукалка Russell Hobbs RVAC-2000

2000 Watt High Power Motor with 18KPA Tenacious Suction Power
2 Litre Dust Bowl Capacity with Dust Bowl Indicator, includes plastic and washable filter (Note : Filter must be 100% dried up before reuse)
Multi-cyclone Technology
Adjustable Metal Telescopic Tube (extended upto 70 cm)
Multipurpose Vacuum Cleaner – Instrumental in cleaning tiles, marble, window grills, upholstery (bed sheets, sofas, pillows, blankets, car seat covers etc), hardwood floors, carpet (home as well as car), car A/C vents
Ergonomic and Ultramodern Multi-colour Design includes Speed Control on Unit and Suction Control on Handle
ABS Plastic Body for extra strength

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